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If diversity characterizes Guadeloupe, the same will apply for its gastronomy. Creole, Asian, Indian and French were mixed for a long time. It should be noted that the Caribbean has the habit of eating spicy and diversity of the local chilies fills.
A typical meal you will discover input, acras (cod fritters), the West Indian pudding, stuffed crabs. The local raw vegetables are also very present in these entries....... In flat, often return many stews and well-simmered dishes, poultry and pork mainly, and accompanied by dombrés (small flour dumplings), rice, red beans, and an incredible variety of potatoes, yams, madeira , sweet potato, christophines, fruit bread, etc. ........Fresh fish grilled, ouassous (river crayfish) and the inevitable will be served with lobster sauce real dog vinaigrette créole.
You have the chance to taste the lambi, huge seashell, deliciously good, but so prized that soon disappeared. 

 Many spices, skillfully cooked as massalé, will be used in preparation of the famous Colombo meat or fish. The blaff fish or sea urchins, matété crab which can be savored at Easter, the fierce legal and Christmas ham (pineapple) are an overview of the multitude of flavors offered by the kitchen Guadeloupéenne.
To conclude this wonderful meals, fruits on the island as different flavor than form, pineapples, bananas, maracudja, guava, etc., declined in all forms will appease your taste buds as well as coconut sorbet in flan in and in cake (white ate coconut and torment of love).
Inévitable well on rum taste of Guadeloupe. You will be used in the cocktail, the grower, a blend of fresh fruit juice, lemon, sugar and rum. The ti'punch be an aperitif, dry, with a little sugar and lemon. After a good meal you enjoy, in moderation of course, an old rum, brown and woody. To avoid possibly takeoff, rum dry at dawn and shock, a large glass of iced water. 

The wise ..............


In a glass, pour the syrup cane sugar and white rum. Add a few drops zest and juice of a lime. Stir. Drinking without ice or with 1 or 2 glacons to how Martiniquaise.

Peel the bananas and cut them in half along its length. Then brown in a frying pan with butter and then soupoudrez-les sugar and cinnamon. When caramelized watering hot rum and let them soar.

On the eve Soak cod in cold water by changing water least three times. Clean cod by removing the skin and bones. The Transfer to a blender with oignons-pays (or chives), clove garlic, oignon-France, thyme, parsley and pepper. Beat 200 g flour with a whisk and add as a glass of water and avoid lumps. Combine 2 egg yolks and the preparation of cod. Let stand. At the last moment put a pinch of baking soda and stir into beaten whites snow. Cook the acras by plunging into the oil very hot.

The colombo bought everything ready in bags or if you prefer to do it yourself; A teaspoon: coriander seeds, cumin, black pepper grains, turmeric, ginger grated nuts, pepper . Although grind everything.

Chop finely 2 shallots, chives, 1 clove garlic and parsley. Add the juice of a lime, salt, pepper, 1 chili, a bowl of hot water and a spoonful tablespoons of oil.


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