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The Guadeloupe archipelago occupies a strategic position in the arc of the eastern Caribbean. It consists of small archipelago of Les Saintes, Marie, La Désirade, the islands of the Petite-Terre, Saint Barthélémy and part of the island St. Marteen.

La BASSE TERRE. 848 km² n the left wing. Volcanic Earth, as it is on it is that the Soufriere, still active volcano, the highest peak of the Lesser Antilles, 1,467 meters. Many mountains, rocky areas, many rivers, waterfalls, chutes, and a rainforest. The air is more humid clouds being arrested by the Soufriere. The lush vegetation and fill exuberant nature lovers. The volcano will be provided by Yellowstone his fumaroles or its sulphurous waters. On this earth, very little cane fields, but many banana plantations. At altitude the weather is cooler, lower temperatures and rainy consistent. Nature there is more luxuriant.

La GRANDE TERRE. Covering an area of 588 km², the right wing of the butterfly is very low rolling hills. Its highest peak is only 177m above sea level. Many circumvent these desolate valleys located, they, far lower than the sea level, and are referred to as the Great Fund. La Grande Terre is a vast limestone plateau, where the air is much drier than on the left wing of the butterfly. Area of mangroves, swamps and savannah, it is on this earth that you will encounter as many sugar cane fields. It is also on this earth that is the majority of hotels. The climate is drier, higher temperatures, rainfall and the index is weak.


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