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Lovers of the bronzette will be delighted in Guadeloupe, but attention to sunburn.

With waters between 25 and 30 degrees on the coast, the beaches remain one of the most beautiful shows. Water is turquoise and sunset and sunrise are incomparable. Wherever you are on the island, the beaches can be very different.

In Basse-Terre the volcanic island, the beaches are black sand, as if to testify ancient eruptions of Soufriere. Perhaps less pleasing to the eye, it is nonetheless very end and burning. There is no barrier reef and the relatively quickly climbing the beach dives toward depths magnificent.
- In the north, the beach Deshaies, gigantic cove facing the Caribbean Sea, rather yellow sand is often beset by huge rolls. It reminds us that the sea Nevertheless, capricious and sometimes dangerous in the West Indies.
- To the south, it is the charm of the black sand beaches.

In Grande-Terre, thousands of years of erosion of the coral and limestone have done a sand as we can dream in the tropics, white and shiny in the sun. Ideal for children and napping in pools of warm water lagoons that form in these barrières. Tous sports water are pratiquables and thus fishermen, divers, swimmers will be spoiled for choice. The Bay of mold is the happiness of the sport of skiing (surfing and morey) and the spot Petit-Havre, Saint Francis, Saint Anne and their lagoons sometimes swept by strong winds (alizées) are the planks windsurfing.
La Pointe des Châteaux offers a very wild scene at the height swept by the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, people may be surprised by this part of the island that we name the wild coast.
As a bonus with each beach, the ocean is full of fabulous scenery and funds still fish, which will make the happiness of all people, especially sportsmen for long dives, as for children for their first underwater discoveries. Tuba and masks are urged to fully enjoy the pleasures of the sea.
Several times during the year, the beaches become the scene of great celebration, Guadeloupe attendees family and there, in music, around the table, harmony is achieved, it is the towns. Come on, a good bath to resume its history and spirits, nothing to fear, the shadow of a shark fin on the horizon.


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