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Hello and welcome to the tourist guide of Guadeloupe
And dependencies

Les Saintes, Marie-Galante, La Désirade, Petite-Terre
as Sint-Marteen and Saint-Barthélémy.

We have gathered in this guide all the information necessary for preparing your next stay at the Guadeloupe archipelago.

Under the heading "GUADELOUPE TOURISM", our special database Guadeloupe, we feed at all times, you will find all the tourism industry in Guadeloupe for accommodation in a hotel, guesthouse, or a bungalow in guadeloupe.

You can also consult the restaurants, museums, tours, rental cars and boats in guadeeloupe. Without forget the Tourist Offices and other National Parks of Guadeloupe and its dependencies.

Now you can get in direct contact with each institution guadeloupe by clicking on its name, which will direct you on the mail or at best on its website. You can prepare in advance your next vacation in our Guadeloupe archipelago.

The "Guadeloupe News" will allow you to learn a little bit about Guadeloupe with a presentation of the main aspects of guadeloupe, its location, its typical events like the carnival, with its unique geographical Grande and the Lower - Terre, food and valuable information on the climate. All you need to know for his vacation in guadeloupe.

"Guadeloupe Pictures" contains many photos of Guadeloupe sorted by themes: Basse, La Grande, Les Saintes, Marie Galante, Petite-Terre, Ilet Caret, Fauna, Flora, as well as films. What a good idea on what you can see during your stay in Guadeloupe.

"Guadeloupe Links" includes some links to get real-time information about what is happening in Guadeloupe and its nearby islands.

As many local sites that will give you additional information on Guadeloupe and the Caribbean.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our guide and very soon in Guadeloupe.


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